Including a location and keywords in your domain name,If your business is based in New Plymouth, try to put the location into the name of your domain, or what your company does, "Put the most important keyword for your industry in the domain name."eg: or as you can see there is a big list to match your biz with. | Pico
Since 2015 weve been developing highly effective websites that load fast and by using your regions domain name achieve a high ranking in search results. By combining modern cms design and the region you do business in, we can help you realise your online goals. A key part of online success depends on being found easily in Google. Its essential that your web site loads fast has a small foot print as well as having your place of business and your business in your domain name, all this while looking professional, Yea right!. and for NZ$7.50 a month + one off NZ$10 setup.

we call this your business card on the internet. If you just need a site that has your basic product/service and contact details "3 pages" loads fast, looks good and ranks well thanks to your regions domain name- this is for your Preferred domain name along with content of advert.